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How 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle works

You just:

  1. Eat 3 easy to prepare, super nutritious meals every day by simply combining 4EVER LEAN's specially prepared meals and functional food capsules with your choice of any of 4EVER LEAN's carefully selected freely available every-day foods.

  2. Drink enough of the "right" fluids

  3. Follow a no frills15 minute exercise program for which no equipment is required.

That's it

What you need to start

From the "YOUR CONDITION" tabs on the right-side select which "condition" best describes the most pressing issue you would like to address. Then click on it and get the appropriate:

  •  Lifestyle Guide(s)

  • 4EVER LEAN's specially prepared condition specific FUNCTIONAL FOODS and DRINK

 Now simply add the prepared functional foods to

 your meals and live high on life!



How 4EVER LEAN works from a scientific viewpoint

4EVER LEAN Lifestyle were scientifically designed to conveniently and effectively restore and maintain optimal performance following four lifestyle principals:

  • A diet supplying high levels of essential and functional nutrients.

  • Meals with a reduced glycemic carbohydrate load

  • Meals that induce satiety without oversupplying energy nutrients

  • Moderate exercise







It's easy, convenient and cost effective

 4EVER LEAN is designed to fit our fast paced modern-day lifestyle. You just add the specially prepared 4EVER LEAN meals and functional food capsules to your choice of 4EVER LEAN's selected freely available every-day foods, do a little exercise and voilà!

  • No need to spend hours preparing "perfect" meals - the specially prepared  4EVER LEAN meals and functional food capsules require minimum or no preparation - you can even take it with you and prepare and consume it on the-run

  • No need to prepare 5 or 6 meals every day - you save time preparing only 3 meals

  • No special shopping for difficult to get or expensive "super" foods - the special ingredients and "super" foods required for success are already included in the prepared meals and capsules - just add it to your meals.

  • No need to identify which every-day foods to stock or combine in meals and no portion weighing or having to avoid just about every food you like -  simply select your favorite foods from the long list of carefully selected "Free Foods", prepare your meal and enjoy 

  • No need to spend money on exercise equipment or gym membership if you wish not to go to the gym or waste hours following long exercise routines - 4EVER LEAN's exercise program requires no special equipment and takes only 15 minutes - anyone can follow it


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