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Does 4EVER LEAN work?

The effectiveness of 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle to induce weight loss, control diabetes and improve many other health risk indicators i.e. cholesterol, blood pressure etc. is proven beyond doubt by user testimony as well as scientific studies over more than 10 years.


                          EP Le Grange (type 2 diabetic)                                Debbie Munn (overweight)





- Lost 24kg in 8 weeks

- Stop injecting insulin and

- Reduce HbA1c from 8.2% to 6.5%

- Stop taking water reducing pills

- Stop using cholesterol pills

- Reduce total cholesterol

- Increase good HDL cholesterol











- Lost 10kg in 8 weeks

- Lost 10% body fat

- Lost 3 dress sizes

"Best of all, I kept it off. Even over the holidays!"


User testimonies analyzed

Users agree living 4EVER LEAN are easy, often more practical than their previous lifestyle and offer much more benefits than just getting a lean body. Testimonies, many a time confirmed by medical test results reveal:

  • Weight loss consistently over 10% of body weight for obese people within the first 6 to 8 weeks

  • 100% diabetics could reduce their blood glucose controlling medication within 6 weeks

  • 94%  type 2 diabetics who used insulin to control blood glucose stop injecting insulin within 6 weeks

  • 100% of all diabetics reduce HbA1c (indicator of long-term average blood glucose) within 6 weeks

  • 100% of those using more than 2 chronic medications i.e. to control cholesterol, blood pressure, water retention etc. could reduce the dosage of at least 1 medication within 8 weeks

  • Most users also report

    • improved energy

    • feeling less fatigued

    • improved sleeping patterns

    • improved bowel movement and less constipated

    • gaining lean muscle

    • moving easier and further distances

Most importantly - users could maintain any and all positive gains from following 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle i.e. keep the weight down, stay off discontinued medication etc. easily by simply maintaining 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle principals.


Independent scientific studies

An independent study, meaning none of the researchers had any interest in or connection with 4EVER LEAN to cause any suspicion of byes interpretation of results, published in the December 2005  issue of Nutrition and Metabolism where type 2 diabetics followed lifestyle principals similar to 4EVER LEAN find that after only 16 weeks participants:

  • Experience a mean weight loss of 6.6% (8.7kg) and 8.4% body fat

  • 81% could reduce their diabetic medication

  • 33% could stop all diabetic medication - even insulin injections

  • Mean HbA1c (indicator of long-term average blood glucose)  reduced by 16% from 7.5% to 6.3%

  • Participants also improve many other health risk indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, reduced waist circumference and much more. Read full article

In a different study published in the May 2008 issue of Nutrition and Metabolism follow-up studies 22 and 44 months after an initial 6 month study also confirms the lasting effects of following 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle principals long-term without any identified negative side effects.   Read full article

Another independent study published in the Nutrition Journal of October 2008 also confirms similar positive effects when following 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle principals. In this 12 week study participants mean:

  • Weight reduced by 13.02% (14.14kg)

  • Fasting blood glucose reduced by 15.01% (0.9 mmol/l)

  • Total cholesterol reduced by 10.38%

  • HDL (good) cholesterol increased by 8.19%

  • Blood pressure reduce

No adverse health effects were identified while following this lifestyle.  Read full article



The quoted research did not follow 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle principals and guidelines in its entire detail - however the studies were based on the core elements of 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle principals and clearly demonstrate the potential effectiveness of 4EVER LEAN as well as confirm validity of claims made by user testimonials. 



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