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Condition Articles

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Living High on Life has never been so easy



its so easy if you follow


No more guess-work and time-consuming effort preparing perfect blood glucose-controlling and weight loss meals - its so easy and convenient anyone can do it!

How 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle works


Does 4EVER LEAN Lifestyle work?


Ask someone who tried it

  Louisa Buys (type 2 diabetic)   Hilton Hussey (type 2 diabetic)

- Lost 20kg and 3 dress sizes

- Stopped injecting insulin

- Stopped 2 chronic


- Reduced 2 chronic medication


- Lost 25kg

- Stopped injecting insulin

- Reduced all chronic

  medication dosages

"I have my life back after 14 years suffering type 2 diabetes. No more insulin injections, much less chronic medication and better blood glucose control and energy than ever before."

. .

"I feel like a new man. Never thought it could be so easy to control blood glucose, lose weight and get off the needle after trying so many things over the past 15 years suffering type 2 diabetes."

What you need to start

From the "YOUR CONDITION" tabs on the left-side select which "condition" best describes the most pressing issue you would like to address. Then click on it and get the appropriate:

  • Lifestyle Guide(s)
  • Specially prepared FUNCTIONAL FOODS and DRINK indicated for managing the condition

  Now simply add the functional foods to your meals and live high on life.


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