About Me

arnoutI am Arnout Bester an HR practitioner with over 30 years extensive Human Resources experience. The last 21 years was with a big national financial Corporate in a senior management position. My field of expertise is the labour relations arena, where throughout my career, I gained practical hands on experience in all aspects of this Human Resources discipline.

I have a proven track record with all components of Disciplinary- and Performance Management, from giving advice and guidance on discipinary matters, chairing of disciplinary hearings, investigations into alleged transgressions, CCMA proceedings (Conciliation and Arbitrations), Large - and small scale Restructurings and Retrenchments, Contractual agreements and drafting of HR policies and procedures.   

My promise and commitment to you 

I will always:

  • Come back with an answer
  • Walk the extra mile
  • Fulfil my commitments to you
  • Add value to your business
  • Be practical and uncomplicated
  • Customise labour relations and HR solutions to fit your business


''Arnout Bester the owner of Labourfit works extremely hard to gain a comprehensive understanding of client needs in order to satisfy and to deliver in a timely manner.

He is not only a knowlegible person with years of experience in his field, but is also reliable and will always exceed expectations. Furthermore he will always find creative ways to solve all your Human Capital challenges.

I would strongly recommend Arnout Bester from Labourfit.''

Nico Swart: PSG Konsult

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